About Me

Hi, I’m Ahsen Saeed the founder of ahsensaeed.com. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. A senior Android Developer with 4+ years of experience and a proud Linux user. I mostly taught myself to learn to code. I’ve won three national prizes in Android app development.

  • Runner-up at Fast Islamabad University.
  • Winner at IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Runner-up at Iqra University Islamabad, Pakistan.

My focus is to create the highest-quality programming tutorials for Android and Kotlin. Here you’ll find solutions from beginner level to most advanced level and it is up to you how you’re applying it into your day-to-day development based on your level of expertise.

I’m a huge advocate of Kotlin programming language and it’s Coroutines API. I mean coroutines make so much life easier for non-blocking and asynchronous programming. Also, I’d love to watch movies in my spare time.

Your suggestion really means to me a lot. Tell me about the topics on Kotlin-Android you want me to write about by filling the following form.