Android Open Source Pro Bulk Sms Sender Application

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New Version of Android Pro Bulk SMS Sender App release v1.1.

Pro Bulk Sms Sender app is an open-source Android application with a material design theme. A simple easy to use Android app for sending bulk SMS to multiple recipients. It is a powerful open-source application and small in size. It allows us to send customized SMS messages through their carrier network to all contacts that are listed in a .txt input file.

You can download the sample contact list file from this link.

Demo of Pro Bulk Sms Sender App

This app is quite simple and the architecture implemented is MVVM.

Steps how to use the Pro Bulk Sms Sender App

  1. Configure the SMS pause interval in the settings section.
  2. Select the contact (phone numbers) list file from File Manager. Also, make sure that the file contains one number in a single file.
  3. Write the message you want to send to your recipients.
  4. Finally, press the send message button on the right side of the app-bar.

Features of Bulk Sms Sender

Here is the list of features that you can find in this project. You can get the link to download the source code at the end of this article.

Note: It is a good project for learning purpose but it has a major flaw. You must add valid numbers inside the .txt file of contacts. Please do not add alphabets or any other non-phone number digit inside that file. The file should be straight forward, every line contains one phone number.

Version 1.1 Changes (1 Nov, 2019)

First of all, I apologize to all the regular users of my Android Bulk SMS app. I said in the first release I’ll update the app frequently but got soo much busy in my office work and didn’t get a chance to update.

In this release of Bulk SMS, I update almost all the internal working and fixes a lot of bugs. Here is the change list.

Library Changes

  1. Removed Dagger2 and added koin dependency injection.
  2. Removed Gson and added the Kotlinx-Serialization dependency.
  3. Removed HttpLoggingInterceptor.
  4. Added the Crashlytics Support.
  5. Added Kotlinx Serialization.

New Features

  1. Added the support for Dual Sim configuration.
  2. Now you can cancel the on-going bulk SMS operation.
  3. Easy to track how many SMS sent and how much remains with on-going notification.
  4. Added the live update on the History screen for Bulk-SMS operation change.
  5. Added the support to send long SMS.
  6. Added the support to send bulk SMS to at-least 1000 users. I already tested with 1000 numbers.

Bug Fixes

  • [FIXED] Performance update for sending Bulk SMS.
  • [FIXED] Restart the Bulk SMS operation if the user closed the application during the on-going operation. Now you can simply close the application (if you want) after sending Bulk SMS the process won’t restart from the beginning.
  • [FIXED] Application crash when sending long SMS.
  • [FIXED] Application crash when sending Bulk SMS to more than 100 contacts.

Added the whole list of Playlist on Youtube for get-started go check it out.

Download Source Code

The source code of the Android Bulk Sms Sender application can be found here on this link.

If you like it please don’t forget to hit the like ♥️ button below. Also if you’ve any other feature in mind tell me in the comments section.

Thank you for being here and keep reading…


  1. Amanihamisi Reply

    Hello, How and where can I get a text file for my contacts to use the bulk sms app?..I have it already installed

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey, please see the attached video at the top of the article. You’ll get the guide from there on how to use the application.

        • ahsensaeed067 Reply

          It is uploaded on Github. You can get the source code of this app at the bottom of this article.

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Kashif,
      You need to search out yourself there many sources on Google which tell you the reasonable number.

  2. kashif pathan Reply

    Great app, good job bro but i want to hide my number is it possible or not ?
    please add a feature to hide numbers. Thanks

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      What do you mean by hiding your numbers? You don’t want to show the numbers in default SMS app or you don’t want to show the numbers when you select a file from File Manager?

  3. Nice!
    Can you add UTF-8 character support for the message?

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Adam,
      Thanks for using the application. Yes, I’ll add the UTF-8 character support and will update the application code on GitHub and update the apk on website.

      • My temperatory solution was to change the code (SendBulkSmsWorker)

        val messagelist = smsManager.divideMessage(messageContent)
        smsManager.sendMultipartTextMessage(singleContact, null, messagelist, null, null)

  4. Hi brother,
    Great app, thanks. Please update WhatsApp bulk send app

  5. Taraspreet Kaur Reply

    Hi, how pro sms sender identify from which sim send the messages. because i have inserted two sms i have to send sms from both. but pro sms sender, send sms from sim slot 2. how i can change this so that i can send sms from sim 1 also.

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Taraspreet,
      Yes, this feature this currently missing in this application. I’ll update the application in the upcoming week and let you know. Thanks for using the application.

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Taraspreet,
      I added the dual sim configuration for my app in version 1.1.

  6. Great App man ,

    how can i show the messages i sent in the default message app

    i downloaded the source code tried some tweaking but no use

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Anees,
      By default, all messages you sent will be automatically shown in the default messaging app. You don’t need to do any extra work.

  7. Hi Ahsen,
    Thank you so much for the update and i really do love the feature to select sim card. But is there away to hide sender sim card number and replace it with sender name. I mean the message from to be name instead of a number

    It will be a big achievement if possible

    Thank you

  8. Hey, I really appreciate your work and time, however I want to tell you my experience, every time I press the “send” button, my phone collapses and goes into a crash loop, the only solution I have is to force the phone to restart.

  9. Brother i like your app
    Some time it stop to send messages, there should be a option for retrying.
    When this app start to send messages we have just one option, just cancel,
    I think it have more options

    And plz increase contacts limit upto unlimited instead of 1000

  10. Mujeeb Alam Reply

    Please include Pause, Stop, Resume and Cancel option during sending to a large numbers file if by mistake.

    Is there any limit of sending messages to a list e.g 2000 at a time

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Mujeeb,
      The cancel option is already in the app. I’m also working on new update of Android Bulk SMS and will update in a couple of days. No, I did not add of kind restriction on sending bulk SMS.

  11. Hello, thanks for you app and effort. Can you add features like

    1. Save .txt file on the app so we don’t have to upload everytime
    2. Can we use ‘Display Name’ instead of mobile number when sending text
    3. Do you know sending limit for UK?
    4. Can you reduce the delay time?


    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Sagar,
      Here the answers to your questions.
      1. Yes, I’ll do that.
      2. I don’t think it’ll be good but in the next release I’ll add the option to display name with text.
      3. No
      4. You mean reduce delay time from 2 seconds?

  12. Hello
    You are the best, and Thanks a lot for apk. Have you an PayPal account for Donation, I dont have a lot of many but I want to help.

  13. Version 1.1 after aproximativ 60 mesage, dont send nothing. I will go to old, the old send continu but dont respect time between sms.
    For the improvement can you put message total sent and deliver.
    Thank for all efort, if you rezolv with new revision send me please an email.

    • ahsensaeed067 Reply

      Hey Ilie,
      Can you please send me a video on my email what happens when you send 60 messages in version 1.1. The newer version already shows how many SMS send and how many remain in the notification and on Home Screen too. Check out this video. I’ll email you once I release its new version.

      Best Regards,
      Ahsen Saeed

  14. Thanks a lot for your efort to help us.
    Like improvement in the future please include delivery raport.
    I have with old/new version same problem with sending pragamed 300 stop send at 216.
    Have You an idea?

  15. I already sent an email, I put four videos.
    I hope you make a very good application.

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