Pro Bulk Sms Sender app is an open source Android application with a material design theme. A simple easy to use Android app for sending bulk SMS to multiple recipients. It is a powerful open source application and small in size. It allows us to send customized SMS messages through their carrier network to all contacts that are listed in a .txt input file.

Demo of Pro Bulk Sms Sender App

Android Pro Bulk Sms Sender App Demo

This app is quite simple and the architecture implemented is MVVM.

Steps how to use the Pro Bulk Sms Sender App

  1. Configure the SMS pause interval in the settings section.
  2. Select the contact (phone numbers) list file from File Manager. Also, make sure that the file contains one number in a single file.
  3. Write the message you want to send to your recipients.
  4. Finally, press the send message button at the right side of app-bar.

Features of Bulk Sms Sender

Here is the list of features that you can find in this project. You can get the link to download the source code at the end of this article.

Note: It is a good project for learning purpose but it has a major flaw. You must add valid numbers inside the .txt file of contacts. Please do not add alphabets or any other non-phone number digit inside that file. The file should be straight forward, every line contains one phone number. I’m working on solving this particular problem and will update the source code once it is fixed.

Dowload Source Code

The source code of Android Bulk Sms Sender application can be found here on this link.

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